Step Up Sunday

I definitely could have done more this week both in terms of healthy food and exercise. I worked LONG hours this week and kept telling myself it was ok to slack. I have a terrible habit of “rewarding” myself with bad food and being lazy when I am stressed or don’t feel well and that is what happened this week, It is not ok and my rationalizations are my biggest challenge when it comes to self-discipline so that is my focus this upcoming week. I’m also going to go shopping today and do meal prep for the week. I’ve never done it before, but I think it will really help me to stay on track with healthy meals.

1. How many pounds did you gain or lose?

2. How many inches did you gain or lose?
I’m not tracking my inches.

3. Your weekly exercise or step goal, and did you meet it? 
I was shooting to hit 10,000 steps a day. Unfortunately I only hit round 5-6k steps a day, mostly due to the fact that I spent most of the week sitting at a desk.

4. What was your biggest challenge this week?
Definitely fighting my PMS cravings. All I want is sweets!

5. What is your favorite healthy snack or meal?
I’ve been addicted to oranges this week. They are zero Weight Watcher Points and delish.

6. Do you have any advice or tips for the rest of us?
I saw this quote posted by a friend, and it helped me stay positive: “Even if you only lose 1/2 pound every week, that’s still 26 pounds in a year, so keep pushing!”

The Straight Arrow

Why I’m Not An Adult

Why I'm Not An Adult

At 29, soon to be 30, I often look around me and realize I am supposed to be an adult now, but I still feel so much like a kid. I may have my shit together but I feel more like I’m acting like an adult while those around me actually are adults. Like I’m putting on a fake show, and deep down I have no idea what I’m doing, because in all honesty I don’t. While I do all the big things I’m supposed to do like pay bills, go to work, be a productive member of society, there are still things I do that show I have a lot of growing up to do. But I’m in no rush.

1| I still build blanket forts. Well actually David built this one to surprise me, but even if I didn’t build it, I sure as hell hung out in it. As a side note, can you believe David had never built a fort before this? I had told him how much my sister and I loved building them as kids so he looked up how to build one online, got instructions from a 5 year old on YouTube, and built it for me. It was conveniently built around the TV  and he put his inflatable matress in there so we could comfortably do some Netflix binging.

Why I'm Not An Adult

2| I bought a magic wand at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and proceeded to proudly carry it around all day. I got Snape’s wand by the way, in case you’re interested.

Why I'm Not An Adult

3| I am awful at mixing a salad or anything really, and whenever I try, I always end up with more food off the plate our outside the bowl than in it. So instead I just mix things in a huge mixing bowl and eat it out of there too. David makes fun of me, but hey, it works.

Why I'm Not An Adult

4| I NEVER make my bed. Most adults would be embarrassed to show you a picture of their unmade bed. Not me. I think making the bed is such a pointless waste of time since I’m just going to get back into it as soon as humanly possible. This one drives David bonkers since he makes his bed every day. I will make it if I have company coming over, but that’s really the only time. Judge me if you must, I don’t care.

Why I'm Not An AdultWhy I'm Not An Adult

5| Rarely is my laundry put away after it is done drying. It usually ends up in a pile on a chair in the corner of my room until I am sick of looking at it. Despite my aversion to making the bed, I hate having a messy place and clutter drives me insane, so the pile of laundry usually gets to me within a day or two and I break down and put it all away.

Chelsea from Olive & Ivy

Meet Chelsea from Olive & Ivy


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I am really excited to feature Chelsea from Olive & Ivy this week! Not only is Chelsea’s blog absolutely gorgeous, she also has fantastic posts on beauty and style, which I find incredibly useful when trying to figure out what the hell I am doing when it comes to clothes and makeup. Be sure to check out some of her favorite posts: The Best Drug Store Makeup (also one of my favorites), her 2015 Resolutions, and a recipe for Easy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites.

I asked Chelsea some questions so that you could get to know her a little better:

What made you start blogging?
I honestly can’t remember. I somehow started reading a couple of blogs and was like, hey… I can do this! And so I just did it.

What quote or motto do you try to live by?
My motto last year was “get it girl” and I plastered it everywhere to remind myself to work hard. So far, I don’t have a motto this year, but a lifelong quote that I live by is definitely “love the life you live and live the life you love” by the oh so wise Bob Marley.

What is your idea of relaxing?
Laying in bed with a bowl of popcorn binge-watching Friends on Netflix. I’ve done that many times this year already (and we’re only a couple of weeks in, haha).

If you could drop everything tomorrow and do anything, what would it be?
Travel to Europe again. It’ll happen someday, but I wish it was happening tomorrow!

What is your most embarrassing moment?
I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my life, but I tend to just laugh them off and move on so it’s hard to recall one specific embarrassing moment. I do remember this time in my Comparative Civilizations class in high school where the teacher was saying names and we had to guess where those names came from. I can’t remember what name it was that he had said, but everyone was listing off options, like English and Scottish, with no luck. It seemed we’d tried every country when I remembered Wales, and I literally YELLED, “WALISH!” before realizing that Walish is so not the word for Welsh, hahaha. Everyone just stared at me. I also once corrected someone, in my earlier years of high school, when they said something about Africa being a continent. I definitely thought it was a country. Clearly, I suck at geography, hahaha.

Back To The Drawing Board


Well our offer on the house was accepted last week, but unfortunately we had the structural engineer inspection yesterday and we got back some bad news. We knew going into this whole situation that there were foundation issues with the house. We just hoped they would be small and fixable without costing too much. We set a budget and so long as the repairs were below that number, we were willing to stick it out and fix the house. Our plan was to put in an offer, see what the structural engineer said, and if the damage was too great, then we would just back out before the end of the due diligence period. The house was so amazing and such a great price since it was a short sale that we figured it was worth taking a chance.

David and his father met with the structural engineer yesterday while I was at work and after two hours, the engineer gave us the news we hoped we wouldn’t hear: the damage to the foundation was significant and would cost more than our already agreed upon budget for the repairs. That meant we would have to walk away. The house is on the top of a hill and apparently the builders didn’t compact the soil enough when building so the back of the house is starting to slide down the hill. No thank you.

I’m glad that I kind of anticipated this outcome the entire time and didn’t allow myself to get too excited so my hopes weren’t dashed too much. Looks like we have to go back to the drawing board!

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