Lipstick Loves

I recently spent far too much time trying to find the perfect lipstick. I’ve never been much of a lipstick wearer, but it’s something I’ve wanted to start doing. I think it adds a fun flare. However, I struggled in finding the right color. I am pretty much clueless when it comes to makeup and what looks good, so I spent a long time trying different shades, getting help from makeup artists at the makeup counter, and then went and looked for cheaper versions of the super expensive shades they had recommended for me. I am all for spending money on good makeup, but since I am still figuring out what works for me, I decided to try to stick to the drugstore brands. That way if a color doesn’t work out, I don’t lose much of an investment. I’m still testing them out and seeing how I like them, but so far I have 6 I really like.

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1| Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Color in Rasin Rage – This is a rich, deep red, that adds personality, but is still tame enough for work.

2| Rimmel London Lip Stick – This is a darker red, much like the dark reds used in the 40’s for pin-ups. It’s great for a night out and incredibly sexy in my opinion.

3| Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor in On Fire Red – This is a fun bright red for a fun night out.

4| Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Coral Crush – This is a fun coral, which I keep seeing everywhere. It isn’t as bright as many of the ones I have seen, and is more of a pink shade than an orange one.

5| Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Pink Peony – This is a fun bright pink that I think is perfect for daytime wear, like brunch with the girls.

6| Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Born With It – This is a great nude pink, it looks natural, and is perfect for work.

If you need more lipstick ideas, be sure to check out Amanda’s post below!

PicMonkey Collage

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Today I am happy to introduce you to Amanda from Marry Mint. Amanda lives up in Alaska with her husband and beautiful baby girl. Her blog discusses topics ranging from being a mommy, to beauty, and style. Be sure to check out her posts on being an introvert, being an Army wife, and her favorite lipsticks.

What made you start blogging?
Initially I started blogging for two different reasons. The first and pretty standard reason is that I wanted a way to keep our family up to date on our lives from all the way in Alaska. The second reasons I started my blog was to offer a positive light on light after cancer. I wanted to show the world that life can and does go on after a scary diagnosis.

What quote or motto do you try to live by?
I try to worry only about the things I can control and get through each day as gracefully as possible.

What is your idea of relaxing?
EXERCISE! When I’m running my brain is totally radio silent. Bliss!

If you could drop everything tomorrow and do anything, what would it be?
I would take my family on vacation to an all inclusive resort in Jamaica! (Kyle and I went to Ocho Rios for our Honeymoon).

What is your most embarrassing moment?
I don’t know what my most embarrassing moment would be but, Kyle can probably think of several times I’ve embarrassed him. hehehe. Although I distinctly remember knocking over an entire candy display during a gas station stop on a road trip once…oops!

No Makeup, No Problem


I’ve always been someone who valued comfort and practicality over all else. If I could, I would wear PJ’s everywhere I went with zero shame. But since that is not socially acceptable, I suck it up and put on jeans. I guess I just don’t care what strangers think of me. I’ve just never been the type of person who has to look perfect before walking out the door. I go out all the time without makeup. I’m not saying we should look like slobs. I simply mean I don’t think we always have to put on a specially planned outfit and spend an hour on hair and makeup to go grab some milk and eggs. And I’m only talking about days when I don’t have work, or anything important to do. Of course I take more care with my clothing and makeup when going to work, going out to dinner, or anything more than running to Target or Starbucks.

I had twin roommates in college who refused to walk out the door without full makeup, hair, and the perfect outfit, no matter where they were going. All I could think then was how exhausting it must be to always keep up appearances. They would wake up extra early on exam days to get ready and make sure they looked perfect because they believed if you looked your best you would do better on the exam. Meanwhile, I’d wake up early, throw on yoga pants, a tshirt, throw my hair up, and spend the time I would have otherwise spent primping to get in some last minute cramming before the exam. The three of us all did well in school, so I don’t think one method works better than the other, it’s all about what works for you. I just couldn’t fathom spending an hour on my hair when I could have spent that hour to get in valuable study time before a test. I’d like to note that it seemed most other students used my approach.

My roommates always said that if you didn’t take pride in your appearance, and if you go anywhere not looking your best, you had no respect for yourself  and you must be insecure. I always strongly disagreed with that view but kept it to myself and let them do their thing, and let them judge me for going to Target without makeup. The thing is I’m really not insure at all. The opposite really. I could care less if someone thought “oh my goodness that girl has no makeup on.” If that is all someone has to worry about, they clearly need a hobby. We all have our insecurities, but I’ve been lucky to pretty much always been very secure with myself, even with my weight issues. I don’t feel the need to dress to the nines and look perfect to be valued or respected by others. I think feeling the need to always look perfect is likely a higher indicator of insecurity than not caring if you look perfect.

I’m not bashing those of you that always look amazing, and obviously, as I said before, I take the time to make sure I am done up for work, and when doing anything other than errands. I think that women put too much pressure on themselves to always look perfect. I don’t think there is anything wrong with running to the store in yoga pants, hair up, and with no makeup on, and I don’t think we should put each other down for failing to always look done up.

Oh Hey Friday

1| My case ended this week, which means I have some unpaid vacation time until the next case comes up. Having time off between projects is a double edges sword – I am thankful to have a few day off from work every few weeks, especially after having a job where I was incredibly burnt out and would have killed to have a day. The draw back is I don’t make money while I’m not working, so here is to hoping I am back at work next week!

2| With my time off, I took Lily to our regular vet to have her assessed after her seizures. Back in May, Lily was seen and treated by an emergency vet (the same vet that treated her, her mom, and siblings when they were rescued) whose office is open 24/7, 365 days a year since her seizures occurred on the weekend when our regular vet was closed. While the emergency vet office is fantastic, it is far from where we live to be our regular vet. Plus my regular vet is a total hunk and has a more holistic approach, which I really appreciate. He doesn’t even have exam tables, he just comes into the room, sits on the floor, and examines pets that way so they are more comfortable and less fearful. Needless to say, I was anxious to get his opinion on Lily’s seizures. Lily has been off the phenobarbital since August, with no new seizures. I didn’t want to keep on such a strong medicine if she seemed to do fine without it. Thankfully, after watching the video of her tremors, reviewing the other vet’s notes, and examining her, our vet agreed with me that the risk of the phenobarbital outweighed any benefit, especially since she had no reoccurring issues. I was so relieved when he said his level of concern was extremely low. No more zombie, over-medicated Lily!

3| I literally spent all day yesterday shopping for lipstick. That may be the most first-world thing I have ever typed. Don’t judge. I am clueless as to what colors to pick, and I also want to be more daring with my makeup. I finally found 3 colors I loved, a dark shade, a nude shade, and a fun shade. Hopefully they actually look as good as I think they do.

4| I am so excited about this season of American Horror Story. I have been hooked since season one, but I wasn’t too impressed by Coven, and Asylum, was only slightly better in my opinion. After watching the first episode of Freakshow, I am eagerly optimistic that this season will be better than the last two. The first season seriously creeped me out, kept me on edge while watching, and even made me jump and scream during 1 or 2 scenes. This week’s episode gave me the same creeped out feeling during most of the episode, and while I have never had a real fear of clowns, I certainly do now.

5| I know I already mentioned Acute Care earlier this week, and sorry to be a broken record, but this product is so amazing and I am so excited about it, I want to share it again. There will be a flash sale for consultants and preferred customers on October 22, offering Acute Care at WHOLESALE price and we anticipate it will sell out quickly. After the 22nd, Acute Care will not be available until January, and it will be at full price. I will be placing a large order on the 22nd, and am happy to add you to my order, so if you are interested or would like to know more, comment below!


Make Me Over

I am completely hopeless when it comes to makeup. Truly. And not only with how to properly apply it, but I am also clueless about what I need and what shades I should wear. The last problem has become more of an issue since I went from blond to brunette. I used to keep use soft pinks for my lips and neutral light beiges for my eyeshadows, but now I have no idea if those are the color schemes I should still be using.

Eyes: Even though I have the Almay Eyeshadow Trios for green eyes, I am still an utter failure when trying to apply them. I have since given up and just started applying the main shade or I just use the Zuzu neutral shadow that I have. If you have a makeup tutorial on how to apply eye makeup that you could recommend you would be my hero! When it comes to mascara if it says “volume” I will buy it, and I don’t see much difference between different brands, even the really expensive ones I have bought, but what do I know?

Lips: I still like my soft pinks, but have recently decided to take a risk and try out more bold and fun reds. It took a long time, but I finally found a red that didn’t make me look like a clown. Brunettes, what lip shades do you like?

Face: I love my foundation powder, and it is pretty much the only item in my makeup routine I am 100% confident about. My concealer is almost all gone, and I love it, but if there is a cheaper option, I’d be open to trying it out.

I know many of you are makeup experts and I’d love any tips you have to offer!

Below are my go-to makeup items:

Image Map


So if you have any brands you love that are far superior to what I am using, colors you love, or any advice, please send it my way! I need all the help I can get!



Speaking of looking good, I am super excited to announce that Rodan + Fields exciting new product, Acute Care,  has finally arrived and is experiencing unprecedented demand! Our ACUTE CARE is comprised of just two hard-working ingredients hyaluronic acid and anti-aging peptides – without added excipients, preservatives or non-essential ingredients. Acute Care works to fill in wrinkles while you sleep, all without the needles associated with Botox and other fillers! We are having a flash sale on October 22, offering accute care at WHOLESALE price and we anticipate it will sell out quickly. After the 22nd, Accute Care will not be available until January, and it will be at full price. If you are interested in trying out Acute Care, let me know and I can add you to my order on the 22nd!

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